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GDPR Privacy Policy Implementation

In connection with implementation of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation “GDPR”), we would like to inform you of the rules regulating the processing of your personal data and on your rights connected with it. The rules presented below will be applicable starting from 25 July 2021.

Identification of the controller

Your personal data will be administered by personel administering SocioJump at [email protected].

The purpose and the legal basic of the processing of your personal data

Adminitrator processes your personal data for the following purposes:
  1. to initiate, upon your request, actions to conclude an agreement with Administrator or when it is necessary for the performance of an agreement with the Administrator (Article 6.1(b) of GDPR)
  2. in certain situations it may prove necessary to process your data due to exercise of Administrator legitimate interest (Article 6.1(f) of GDPR

The obligation to provide your personal data

You must provide your personal data to conclude and perform an agreement with the Adminitrator. If you fail to provide all required personal data, this will prevent Administrator from concluding the agreement with you and providing services to you.

Information on the recipents of your prrsonal data

In connection with the processing of your personal data for the purposes indicated in point II, your personal data may be disclosed to the following recipients or recipient categories:
  1. mailing companies,
  2. couriers,
  3. accounting office

Personal data processing periods

Your personal data will be processed for a period necessary for achievement of the objectives indicated in point II, i.e. in the scope of performance of the agreement concluded between you and Administrator, for a period until the end of its performance, and after that period for a period and in a scope required under the legal provisions or for implementation by Administrator of a legitimate interest of the data controller in the scope as prescribed in point II above, and if you give your consent to the data processing after termination or expiry of the agreement, until you withdraw your consent.

Rights of the data subject

Administrator would like to ensure you that all persons whose personal data are processed by the Administrator enjoy the respective rights resulting from GDPR. In view of the foregoing, you have the following rights:
  1. the right to access personal data, including the right to obtain copies of such data;
  2. the right to demand correction of personal data – if the data are incorrect or incomplete;
  3. the right to demand removal of personal data (the so-called right to be forgotten) – if:
  1. the right to demand limitation of the processing of personal data—if:
  1. the right of data portability – if:
  1. the right to oppose the processing of personal data, including profiling – if:

The right to revoke the consent to process personal data

In the scope in which you have given your consent to the processing of personal data, you may revoke it. Revoking the consent does not affect the legality of the data processing carried out on the basis of the consent before it is revoked.

the right to file a complaint with a supercisory authority

If you find that the processing by the Administrator of your personal data violates the provisions of GDPR, you may file a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority.

transfer of personal data to entities from beyond the European Economic Area (EEA) or international organizations

In cases justified and necessary due to circumstances, the Administrator may disclose your personal data to entities having their registered office outside the EEA (USA, Singapore, India, China, Hong Kong, Canada and international organizations (e.g. SWIFT), as well as other entities having their registered office outside the EEA or international organizations to which the transfer is necessary for the purpose of performing the agreement (e.g. execution of your orders connected with the agreement). As a principle, data will be transferred outside the EEA on the basis of standard contractual clauses concluded with the recipient, the content of which has been determined by the European Commission and ensures the highest standards of personal data protection applied in the market. You have the right to obtain copies of such data through the Administrator.

Binding Contract

Please read this page carefully. These terms and conditions constitute the legal documentation to ensure that a legally binding contract is in place between SocioJump.com and you.

Your legal agreement with SocioJump.com consists of these Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy and the Guidelines.

We supply the services as referred to on SocioJump.com ('our site') to you. You must understand that when joining our site and by ordering any of our services, you agree to be bound by these Terms. We recommend that you print and save a copy of the Terms and Conditions.

Our service and contract information

There are a few simple steps that you need to be aware of before you use our services:

  1. Before you can use our Services you need to register (for free) on our site. On registration you may provide an email and password, keep this safe at all times and do not disclose it to anybody
  2. You may only register if you fulfill the necessary in your home country or access minimum age for the conclusion of contracts.
  3. Once you have submitted your registration request you will receive an e-mail from us (if your email is valid) acknowledging that we have received your personal information and setting out your account status.
  4. Our Services are listed on our site. If you wish to order our Services then you must follow the instructions on our site to order our Services. Your order constitutes an offer to us to subscribe to our Services.
  5. The contract between us (Contract) will only be formed when we send you the confirmation email. The Contract will relate only to those Services we have confirmed in the confirmation email. We will not be obliged to supply any other Services which may have been part of your order until the supply of the Services has been confirmed in a separate confirmation email.
  6. When using SocioJump you agree to obey all the rules of the Website. You acknowledge that these rules may change over time and that you will obey their most current form. We want to make special mention of the following rules:
    • You must not buy or sell SocioJump accounts.
    • You must not let others get points for you.
    • You must not create multiple accounts.
    • You must not use VPN, Proxy or another tool for changing your IP address.
    • You must not buy points using fraudulent credit cards or payment accounts.
    • You must not buy or sell points from an external party.
    • You must not unfollow then follow, unlike then like, unsubscribe then subscribe, leave then join remove from circles then add to circles, unpin then repin other's account, pages, groups, pins and etc.
    • You must not post content that: is hateful, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence.
    • You must not engage in unlawful multi-level marketing, such as a pyramid scheme, on SocioJump
    • You must not upload viruses or other malicious code.
    • You must not use SocioJump to do anything unlawful, misleading, malicious, or discriminatory.
    • You must not use temporary email to register on SocioJump, we want interactions of real people.
    • You must not do anything that could disable, overburden, or impair the proper working of SocioJump, such as a denial of service attack.
    • You must not facilitate or encourage any violations of this Statement.


You agree that you (both SocioJump as well as any third party) for any and all activities that occur under your user account are solely responsible.

SocioJump.com assumes no responsibility for displayed on this website and not from SocioJump posted content, which directly offends against these Terms and Conditions or the law. This applies in particular to linked content from other sites and content that are displayed on SocioJump.com as a thumbnail or in a similar manner.


This service contains hyperlinks to other websites that are not SocioJump.com or controlled by SocioJump.com. We have no control and take no responsibility for the content, privacy policy, advertising, security or gaps or any activities other websites.


You acknowledge and agree that you may be exposed to content while using the services offered, which are inaccurate, offensive, the indecent or factual basis for any other reason can be perceived by you as a nuisance. You hereby waive any and all rights and remedies, you might be entitled in respect of such content over SocioJump.com.


SocioJump.com is not responsible for any closures of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, VKontakte, Instagram, Google Circle, Pinterest, website hits accounts of our users by the operators of the site SocioJump.com also no liability. You are reminded that other social networking sites could be of the opinion that the benefit of the services of SocioJump contrary to their own terms and conditions. We shall take all possible precautions to us to prevent such violations and to protect our customers, but provide no protection against the actions of the operators of other online platforms (eg deletion of the account).

Content and validity

If sections or individual formulations of this text are not, no longer or not completely correspond to the remaining parts of the document remain unaffected in their content and validity.

Termination of leagal affrement

The provisions remain in effect until terminated by you or SocioJump.com. If you want to terminate your legal agreement with SocioJump.com, you can do so at any time by notice to SocioJump.com or the closure of your account with the appropriate icon reach.

Legal Privacy

SocioJump doesn't sell likes/subscribes/followers/views/hits of any Social Network. We will never request for usernames and passwords of your social network accounts and will never post, tweet or update status from your accounts.

No bot policy

Our goal is that the interactions that you get in SocioJump are from real people, so we ask you to register with a real email, all users who use disposable or temporary emails, will be subject to revision and/or banned.


Anyone found to be breaking any of these will be removed from SocioJump permanently. Please understand that if you refuse to accept these Terms, you will not be able to use this site or our services.

Date of Last Revision: July 25 , 2021